Every election cycle in Kenya presents similar scenes.

The political elite all gather around an agenda, that is MAJORLY about them, but somehow they convince the masses that it is about Kerubo. Be it as it may, the democratic process is one that has been so painfully fought for, one that ought not to be discarded because of the very evident political conmanship noted in some cases. And the cases are few, and far apart. My thought process is not to discuss those.

In many ways it has been said that, bad, neglectful leaders are chosen by nice, calm people who make a sad decision not to vote on Election Day. I have had some time to speak to some, and in all honesty, I totally get where they come from. Voter apathy is a direct result of a dejected people who see absolutely NO VALUE add in queuing to vote in a populist who will do nothing tangible in their lives. “Don’t get me wrong, I am not interested in a handout, or a t-shirt, or a leso for my spouse”- one opined. I am interested in leadership where systems work. It was on me to dig further:

1. The education system, free or otherwise, should work for all children. Giving them a shot in the arm at life.

2. The healthcare system ought to be a well-greased machine. With staff remunerated, and motivated enough to deal with the sick. Medication, and all its components should be in plain sight.

3. Infrastructure, in all forms, should not be a preserve for waheshimiwas and society’s oligarchs.

4. The business environment should be welcoming, encouraging creativity, innovation and fair trade.

5. The cost of living in any free and sovereign state should be realistic. Makes no sense to state and restate freedom, yet a county and individuals, are held by the neck by shylocks and financial lenders.

6. The environment should be clean, habitable allowing everyone, especially children, and the elderly to enjoy the fruits of this earth.

7. Everything thrives when there is peace. A peaceful country is one of God’s greatest blessings to any nation. It is indeed true, that a nation can be endowed with means and might, BUT without peace, they are reduced to nothing. 

The above list is not exhaustive. But I agreed that majority are asking for bare minimums. Non-negotiable bare minimums, and I totally agree. But what do we do when we don’t get what we want?? Do we give up?? Do we despair?

The greatest failure is when we no longer have the will power to try. August 9th 2022 is here with us. Maybe, you see no reason to wake up early to cast that vote. Maybe, just like Gaius Julius Caesar, you have made up your mind that the die is already cast, your input or lack of it, doesn’t matter. 

My appeal DIRECTLY to you is that you make the choice to see things differently.

  • Don’t lose hope that you have the ability to see your country attain the best possible standards in ALL areas. 
  • Don’t lose hope because A FEW want to hive off the country, the region or even the constituency to selfishly enjoy its splendour.
  • Don’t lose hope that the Country, the County, the Constituency, the Ward is lost, and cannot be reclaimed. Reclaim all areas through the power that is in your hand. The power to vote. The power to do so, peacefully.

Arise. Make an informed individual decision on who to vote for. Cast your vote PEACEFULLY. It is in your best interest to stay the course. Asante.

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