The Tragedy of Ignorance Coupled with Hate

There is nothing more frightening than a bustling ignorance.

From the deepest desires often comes the deadliest hate.

The assassin that fell Former Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat was asked why he killed him. “I killed Anwar because he was secular”

He was asked what being secular meant? “I don’t know” he responded.

An  assassin tried to annihilate the late Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz. The stabber was asked why he wanted to kill him. “I wanted to kill him because  of his novel_The Children of Our Alley”. 

He was asked if he had read the novel. His answer was “NO”.

An assassin killed Egyptian writer Farag Fouda. The assasin was queried on why he killed him. “I killed him because he was an infidel”. 

He was asked how he knew Farag was an infidel. “Because of the books he wrote”.

He was asked which specific books he had read that showed Farag was an infidel. “I have not read any of his books, because I have no ability to read or write”.


Let us spread  peace, love and a joyful existence through and through.

VOTE, having consulted your conscience, go home and await the results. 

Avoid Herd Mentality, Avoid unsanctioned crowds. Stay Clear of Ignorant Hate.

Stay Vigilant. But Most Importantly, Stay Hopeful.

JN Maragia 

Foundation’s President

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