Thursday 2nd May, 2024-

The JN Maragia Foundation in conjunction with The Bomagimari Queens organized a heartwarming event where they donated a tent and seats. The event was filled with colors, joy, and gratitude as the foundation extended its support to empower and uplift the women.

Empowering Women

The donation not only provided practical support to the group but also symbolized empowerment and solidarity. The women expressed their appreciation for the foundation’s gesture, highlighting how such contributions enable them to come together, hold meetings, and engage in various activities that promote their well-being, financial uplifting and unity.

Community Impact

This colorful event showcased the positive impact that philanthropic initiatives like this can have on communities’ social welfare. By supporting women’s groups and providing them with essential resources, the JN Maragia Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering social cohesion, economic empowerment, and inclusivity within society.

Go forth, grow and glow Queens.

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