The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) champions a scenario where a child is able to have the

ability to participate in inductive and deductive reasoning to solve life’s challenges. This is only possible
when a child has the ability to read and comprehend any set narrative. The JN Maragia foundation is
strongly convinced that a child who reads, will automatically become an adult that thinks!
The reader’s donation at Bitare SDA Primary School aims to encourage leisure reading as a base for all
children: A base for them to understand reading and comprehension, for them to pass their exams, for
them to escape their realities by journeying with the characters in the stories that they read, and most
importantly to give them a platform to taste what their peers are consuming in the literary world in
different parts of the globe. As a Foundation we remain committed to Uplifting, Inspiring and
Empowering lives!

Respectful of all Faiths
May the Almighty Lord bless you all!

JN Maragia
Foundation’s President

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