An Unexpected Calling

A senior brother in all ways, would from time to time ask that I deliver on this errand, then another errand and then on to the next. This brother, and I call him brother, because he has been more than a friend to me, always intrigued me. I was always in awe at how he would even think of taking any additional responsibilities, yet he already had a full plate of responsibilities. I decided to ask: To what end are we supposed to run errands in this constituency. The discussion that happened after, is what changed the trajectory of my life, and how I viewed those “errands”. Till this discussion, they were just that: Errands.

My brother had a vision, a dream to see a strengthened community where all persons could enjoy a dignified life. He had taken it upon himself to see what he could do, as an individual, to ensure that this was possible. He is a passionate gentleman, who has always said: “There are reasons why dreams are placed in the deepest levels of men. It is foolish to turn a blind eye to a dream, a dream that refuses to go away”. This I have come to attest as true, as I got immersed in my brother’s dream.

The JN Maragia Foundation, and all that is stands for was an unexpected calling for me. It is a calling that has excited me, challenged me, positively broken me, built me up again, and mostly importantly given me a sense of direction and purpose. It is true: Ask not what a situation, a country or even a society can do for you, but what can you do? All the team members in the Foundation have worked in earnest to see our brother’s dream actualized. The culmination was a beautiful launch of the Foundation’s Office. It was a moment that shall remain engrained in my memory for posterity. Breath for breath, arm for arm, shoulder by shoulder, we shall continue to implement our brother’s dream. A dream that has now become our life’s mission. A mission where we hope to see Abanchari Uplifted, Inspired and Empowered. It all started with those errands within the constituency, to see how people’s lives could be made easier, to running a Foundation that will attain the highest possible standards, not for itself, but for HER PEOPLE.

Kevin Kimani

Team Member

JN Maragia Foundation

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