About Our Organization

Helping each other can make world better

The JN Maragia Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization trying to alleviate the effects of debilitating poverty, fighting disease and inequity in and around Bonchari Constituency. The Foundation is premised on the soft ethos as guided by its tag line of-Uplifting, Inspiring and Empowering the masses, for, “non nobis solum nati sumus”-Not for ourselves alone are we born.

How We Work?

The Foundation’s main focus lies guided by the following thematic areas:

  • Education
  • Social Welfare
  • Sports, Talent and Culture
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Agriculture and Environment

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In support of the Kenyan Constitution, the Foundation appreciates that every child has a right to free and compulsory education. It is to this end that the JN Maragia Foundation has undertaken measures including affirmative action programs to ensure the youth access relevant education and training. The Foundation is guided solely by the fact that this is achievable for all persons in Bonchari regardless of their social classifications. To this end, the Foundation shall:

  1. Match bursary opportunities for bright but needy students in the Constituency.
  2. Provide Edu-based support for students in the Constituency.
  3. Champion for an active reading culture for students in the constituency.
  4. Advocate for programs geared towards ensuring that the students are encouraged to pursue their dreams to the highest possible standards.
  5. Apply and enforce the dictates of affirmative action towards the realization of education for all.

Social Welfare

The JN Maragia Foundation appreciates that for a society to thrive: All persons have to enjoy good fortune, happiness, well-being and prosperity. Through a robust social welfare system, the Foundation aims to address:

  1. General assistance to individuals and families in need of the most basic of amenities.
  2. Direct assistance in times of disasters and natural calamities.
  3. Advocacy in equity and access to food, housing, and medical care.
  4. Addressing of social challenges: Single parent homes, orphaned children, rigours of homes affected by cancer, HIV and other terminal illnesses.
  5. Rehabilitative programs for youth affected by alcohol and abuse of other substances.

Sports, Talent & Culture

The JN Maragia Foundation notes the importance of a society that notices, nurtures and celebrates natural talent. The Foundation hopes to use Sports, Talent and Culture to:
a.       Champion the use of sports and recreation facilities for all in the Constituency.
b.       Encourage more stakeholder participation in Sports, Talent and Culture.
c.       Create awareness that Sports, Talent and Culture can be used as a means for the youth to recover from any form of trauma.
d.       Advertise the expansive talents and abilities in the Constituency.
e.       Speak about targeted societal issues at the events.
f.         Nurture the use of Sports, Talent and Culture into possible career paths.

Health & Sanitation

The JN Maragia Foundation strongly believes that a healthy society will attain the highest levels of development. To this end, the Foundation aims to:

  1. Highlight and focus on emergent issues touching on health that have adversely affected the community.
  2. Address issues of medi-aid for persons suffering immensely, but with no financial ability to get medical care.
  3. Alleviate the suffering of persons living with disability by matching donor support with the assistive devices that the PLWDs might need for a dignified life.
  4. Conduct regular, targeted medical camps whose aim is to arrest and manage lifestyle diseases, for example, Hypertension and Diabetes.
  5. Help and strengthen communal efforts to provide safe, reliable water and ablution services in the Constituency.

Agriculture & Environment

Bonchari is a rich, robust and fertile Constituency. The JN Maragia Foundation notes that so much more could be done to ensure that the Constituents benefit from their yields. The Foundation is motivated to:

  1. Advice and guide on which crops to be planted where, after analysis on the soil samples.
  2. Champion environmental protection campaigns all geared towards protecting the environment from natural disasters.
  3. Sensitize the youth on the benefits of agri-business as a way of curbing the rampant unemployment in the constituency.
  4. Capacity build the community to understand the benefits of looking at Agriculture from a professional view point, unlike the norm, where Agriculture land and harvest is used to feed families.
  5. Educate on easily adoptive environmental strategies geared to ensuring that the best soil is protected which will ultimately guarantee a bumper harvest.