I came in through those gates, and so many memories came to me, all at once, very good memories of when I was about your age. Memories of when I had nothing but dreams. Of course at that age, some things were not so pleasant. Like when Teacher Helen Nyakundi disciplined us for misbehaving, or when break time and PE time came to an end: I loved football and I wished I could play all day.

Madam Emily, Sirs and Madams, Fellow Colleagues accompanying me from the JN Maragia Foundation, Boys and Girls, Good Morning.

My name is Eng. Joshua Nyagwencha Maragia, and I was a student here studying from class 1 East all the way to 8 East. I have come back because I have a strong conviction that what I want to do, and say here shall motivate someone to push on, and be the version of themselves, regardless of their circumstances. When I was growing up, I experienced some challenges, here and there. Education and Sports became my lifeline. I swore to do the very best that I can so that I can stretch out a hand to assist as many other pupils as I can. I am accompanied by a team, from a Foundation that I set up, all with the view of stretching a hand to those that lack in one way or another. Madam Emily, you never gave up on me, you encouraged me all through and pushed me to excel in Science and Mathematics, my favorite subjects at the time. I celebrate you Madam, for what you did for me. I celebrate all teachers, because what you do, is indeed a calling. A calling that ought to be celebrated more loudly. Boys and girls, ALWAYS listen to your teachers, they mean well.

No child goes back home empty handed. I am not about to be the first.  My Foundation was able to reach out to a few of our international friends. They have given me story books for these young minds, because I ride on the fact that a child who reads for leisure, will automatically be an adult who thinks. Teachers, encourage our little brothers and sisters to read for leisure. A child that effortlessly reads a story book will automatically comprehend, and have the ability to answer any questions that they are asked. In the same breath, my team thought to accompany this give with some sanitary based support for our girls. They ought to be comfortable as they go through the most natural process of their lives.

Boys and girls, take this small gift from me to you, as a sign that someone out here is thinking about you, and your future. Joshua Maragia rose from here, and has come back to motivate and encourage you to keep your dreams alive. There is absolutely nothing that is out of reach. Go on, succeed. Go to the high school of your dreams. Go on, and get into the profession of your choosing. Go on, be great, and always remember to give back to those behind you.

Teachers, I have a small token for you. Lunch is on me today. There is absolutely nothing that I can give to this school that will show the love that I feel for each and every one of you. May the Almighty strengthen you as you shape lives, and nurture young boys and girls into fine men and gracious ladies. I want to thank my benefactor for making this day possible for the Foundation. Fellow colleagues from the Foundation, thank you for doing the ground work, and for understanding why I had to come back. I say a heartfelt asante to each and every one of you that took time to make today a success. May the Almighty God bless you all, and may you remember the comforting words in Romans 8:28 And we know that in ALL things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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