A Positive Kind of Pride

I have always been motivated to see and advocate for change in society. I have never really been the kind that sits back and complains about things. I have always felt that if I was in a position to complain, then I was also in a position to effect change. When the opportunity came for me to effect and support change through works as carried out by the JN Maragia Foundation, I did not prevaricate. It was a call that matched my passions, my ideals, my beliefs, my identity, and shall hopefully contribute to my legacy. In all ways, I believe in the ideals, tenets and works as carried out by the Foundation.

I am proud that I have witnessed students go to school, students that would ordinarily not have had that ability, because they did not have the finances. I am proud that the fact that they are academically endowed, is not lost because they come from financially challenged homes. I am proud that I have seen widows supported by a strengthened social support system. I am proud that I have seen persons living with disability get assistive devices to live a comfortable life. I am proud that we are championing health and sanitation for our people, so that every person can live a dignified life. I am proud of the fact that we are loud about agriculture, an industry that can offer an economic lifeline for our people. I am proud that young people can harness their naturally endowed talents in sports and culture ultimately looking towards the future with hope.

I am not being pompous or arrogant, and it might be common place for the person reading this to dismiss my pride. I however take this opportunity to reiterate that this is a positive kind of pride. The kind of pride that swells my chest to know that it is possible for all Abanchari to live a dignified live. A dignified life that the JN Maragia Foundation is struggling to ensure is possible for all. This pride doubles up every day when I see the hand of the Foundation stretching to Uplift, Inspire and Empower.

Patrick Miregwa

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