A Place I call Home

I have given my all for the JN Maragia Foundation. This is home for me, and many other youth that have worked earnestly for the Foundation thus far. The story of this foundation is on full of relentlessness, agility, hope and above all humility. I pay homage to a man who has done mighty things in his time, and it is the same trail I have decided to follow. A story of a man who believes that nobody should lack since it’s not their wish. It was just an idea. “You know what, we could help this sharp kid secure his/her education. We could help the community access clean water. We could see this guy through their recovery journey and so on.” This is the thought process that started the Foundation’s journey.

It is at this point, that volunteers joined in, and they have given their all. The team that has worked day and night to ensure beneficiaries are served to the best of their ability. Patient, just, warm hearted, selfless, and wonderful persons and when called to action, they are punctual, reliable and trustworthy. With several projects and events done successfully, while having reached out to over five thousand people, the team has proved to be committed to the core.

Spreading our tendons from uplifting one person to touching more than five thousand. One school to over forty of them. One farmer to a majority of farmers. A single talent to a combination of all. From working on call to running a fully-fledged office. It has been a tremendous journey for us. We keep hoping and praying that this fire keeps ablaze, that God sees the foundation through to even greater heights. This is my submission as Ondari, Clive Monyancha. I have been uplifted, inspired and empowered to work for the Foundation giving everything that makes me, me. I encourage you all to join in on this great and noble initiative

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