JN Maragia Foundation

Uplifting the living standards of the vulnerable members of our society through education, health and raising different social amenities

Restore hope among vulnerable children and communities


The JN Maragia Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization trying to alleviate the effects of debilitating poverty, fighting disease and inequity in and around Bonchari Constituency. The Foundation is premised on the soft ethos as guided by its tag line of-Uplifting, Inspiring and Empowering the masses, for, “non nobis solum nati sumus”-Not for ourselves alone are we born.

Our Story

The Foundation’s President is a direct product of societal good will that has seen him rise to get to where he is today. “Growing up, I experienced challenges here and there, as my parents pushed to get me an education. The society was kind enough to look at my case, and offer invaluable support that saw me get the education that I needed to the highest possible standards. This act of selflessness and kindness gave me hope, and pushed me to work so earnestly to get to a point where I would have ability to stretch a hand to others: Just as it was done for me. It is this act, very many years ago, that propelled me to start the JN Maragia Foundation. I have hope that the Foundation, through the very many notable initiatives will uplift, inspire and empower those to whom we shall extend our help, motivation and encouragement. I remain resolute to the objectives of the Foundation, and I know for free: Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”-JN Maragia, Foundation’s President.

Our Objectives

  1. To mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for vulnerable children
  2. To ensure that children are safe, healthy and protected at home, in schools and communities
  3. To facilitate the rehabilitation of traumatized children through sports, music, dance, and drama
  4. To support community-led initiatives with focus on using sustainable technologies to enhance development
  5. To build capacity and sensitize children and communities on sexual reproductive health, rights and other preventable viral illnesses like HIV and chronic hepatitis


To alleviate the harsh effects of poverty towards a dignified life for all.


To combat poverty and expand opportunities to all people by uplifting their social status, supporting equal rights to education for all, and championing for a sustainable environment for all.


Empathy, Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Equality and Service.

JN Maragia Foundation Launch

Our Mission is to be there for the people of bonchari

Some People Need Help And We Give It